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Page makes it simple to order the garage door torsion springs and parts that you need. Our site is quick and easy to navigate.
We sell only springs and parts for residential garage doors only. The torsion springs listed below are for the most common garage doors.
Our customers include garage door repair companies, handyman services, maintenance personnel, and knowledgeabledo-it-yourselfers. Anyone attempting to do repairs on their own should do ample research on this site, and take advantage of othertutorials available online.
Using proper tools, practicing safe technique, and using common sense will go a long way to keeping you safe, and greatly limit the risk of injury. Garage door repair can be dangerous. You should always ask us for help, or do more research if you are not sure about the task you are performing. 
It has been stated over and over by the garage door companies that spring replacement is a job best left to the professionals. There is alot of truth to this statement.
Spring replacement should only be attempted by someone with prior experience, hands-on training, or in some cases a first timer who is mechanically inclined and has invested ample time to grasp exactly what is needed to get the job done right.
It is of utmost importance to install the proper spring(s) for your door. You can match your existing spring(s) by following the procedures in the video seen at the top left of this page. Your door will not balance properly, if you do not install the correct spring. It is not an acceptable solution to simply buy a stronger spring than what is needed. A stronger spring will not balance the door correctly, and may lead to a torsion cable coming off the drum and pulling the door off track.
The process and techniques required to change your broken spring are not overly complicated. Take the time needed to study this project without being rushed, and you will be able to safely accomplish this task.
We at will be happy to help you with any questions that you have. Feel free to call us at any time. Please call in your order today, and we will ship your parts quickly.

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207 x 2 x 22
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How to Repair Off Track Doors
How to Install New Rollers
How to Replace a Broken Cable
How to Repair Opener Gear
How to Tension Torsion Spring
How to Replace Hinges
How to Replace a Panel
How to Replace a Bearing Plate
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243 x 2 x 29
250 x 2 x 30
263 x 2 x 33

SALE- Buy any spring at our store & receive FREE cables!

It would be a great idea to assess other parts on your garage door that may also need replacing at the same time as your springs. A few other important parts to your lift system are the torsion cables, the end and center bearing plates, the bottom fixtures, rollers, and of course the hinges.
Inspect your torsion cables and replace if they are worn, frayed, or have signs of rust (especially at the very bottom). The bearing plates must spin freely and easily. It is imperitive to replace these now, if you see them emitting any black residue, which is a sign that the bearings are wearing out. The bottom fixtures constantly hold the tension of the cable, and should be replaced if rusty or worn. The rollers should be changed out every 10 years, or if excessively noisy, or if they have become wobbly. Hinges need to be inspected for stress cracks and breaks. Proper maintenance of your garage door will ensure many years of dependable and safe use.

4 New Panels- 16x7, Quality 25 ga steel...$400.00

Torsion Cables
Bearing Plate
CenterBearing Plate
Bottom Fixtures
10 Nylon Rollers
Hinges #1 #2 #3
Opener Gear
Genie Carriage
Genie Coupler
LM Coupler
Safety Eyes
We sell nylon gears, and gear/sprocket kits for Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster chaindrive openers. If you press the button and hear only a hum, then the gear in your head unit is likely worn, stripped, or broken. If your Genie opener makes a rattling noise but the door doesn't move check the carriage, and the drive coupler. We also carry carriages and couplers for Chamberlain brand openers. Note the model and year of your opener to receive the correct safety eye replacement
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Always e-mail your name, adress, phone number, and parts needed.

We will respond with an electronic invoice of your order including the total with shipping.

Review the invoice for accuracy and if you did not pay by cc already, call our warehouse to pay with credit card over the phone.

Upon receipt of your items, you may call, text, or e-mail us with any installation or safety concerns.

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Standard 16x7, or just one for 8x7
Heavier 16x7, 16x8, or heavy 8x7, 8x8
Heavy 16x8 w/ multiple struts or windows
Some lighter wood doors, & steel insulated
 Single spring on 16x7, 2 for wooden door
One spring on heavy 16x7, 2 wood doors
One spring on heavy 16x8, 2 wood doors
$60/ pair
plus $10 shipping
$70/ pair
plus $15 shipping
$75/ pair
plus $20 shipping
$75/ pair
plus $20 shipping
$60 each
plus $15 shipping
$70 each
plus $15 shipping
$75 each
plus $20 shipping
$15 pair
$20 pair
$12 each
$22 pair
$30 for ten
$4 each
$15 each
$25 each
$5 each
$7 each
$40 pair
$40 pair
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